Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Update #2 11:49 AM

I've reached 37,500 words. Of course, there has been a price to pay. I just now brushed my hair. *snickering*
Folks, I don't need a Glamour Shot. I need the whole damn cartridge. I'm on my um... nth glass of Diet Pepsi. I've just sucked down a bowl of pork raman so as to not interfere with my purpose right now. I was going to go for Easter candy but thought better of it.
I only have 1,000 more words to write and roughly 3 hours before the chickens arrive.
Most excellent.
I probably won't have the chance to write or blog Friday. It really depends. I'm going to be BUSY! Thank GOD there are three paychecks in April.
I'm on Meatloaf on my Media Player. I think I started with Destiny's Child this morning. I vaguely remember Dolly Parton and Heart. WOOHOO!
Rock on!
On a snarky sidenote: Those blogs I usually leave comments on, I'VE TRIED! Blogger is having ISSUES today. I'll try again later. MUST COMMENT! Kel, Bloggy, Swampy, I'm coming!

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username said...

Congrats on the writing!

Yes, I am here. *G*