Friday, March 18, 2005

Finally Friday

Oh Good Lord! I thought this day would never come. Kids go back to school in TWO DAYS. The first half of Spring Break was fine. People were getting along. Manners were used. Life was good.
Then came Wednesday. Let's see. There were barbie-tossing issues. Throwing toys. Yelling. Rudeness. And so on and so forth. And it was UGLY outside, so I kept the kids inside. That turned ugly, too. *grins*
And work on "The Portrait"? Not bloody likely. I did type out my turning point, which I am pleased with. I think I'm right around 30,000 words. I've been mentally working on "Virtually Impossible" and "In Pieces." "Virtually Impossible" is the sequel to my first book coming out. "In Pieces" is the second in a series for which I'm agent searching. It's the Suspense/Thriller.
Last night, as I was drifting into subconsciousness, I came up with the motivation for my murderer in "In Pieces." Too bad I can't type in my sleep. *laughing*
I went fishing today. Drowned some worms and tortured some minnows. I caught a bass about the size of an inchworm. LMAO

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