Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bloggers Anonymous

I attempted to log onto Blogger this morning to no avail. A lovely screen came up and said, "We're sorry. We have contacted engineers to fix this problem."
I started to twitch. MUST. BLOG.
(I'm hoping this doesn't stem from my "Blogger Sucketh" post.)
I didn't think I would get into blogging this much. But I enjoy it. It's a lovely outlet for whatever I'm thinking about at the time. It's a good record of where my manuscripts are progressing. Rather a timeline of my life and thoughts. There are times I have to STOP myself from blogging.
Wonder if there's a BA? Bloggers Anonymous. Sign me up. I'll post about it.


username said...

Tell me about it. And I've been blogging for YEARS!

Silma said...

Oh, good. So that means I wasn't the only one getting that weird message. I was afraid someone hijakced my blog or something. Eeek...

As for Blog Anonymous, if you find it, let me know. I need to sign up for it too. *lol*

swamp4me said...

It's not just the writing of the blog, it's the reading of the blogs of others. I have a whole list that I check at least twice a day, if not more. If someone who blogs regularly hasn't posted I worry that they may be sick, lost, have amnesia...or that they are trying deperately to post only to be foiled by Blogger and they are somewhere writhing in frustration and withdrawal.

Uh...maybe you better sign me up for that BA thing, too.

My name is Swampy and I'm a blogaholic.

chryscat said...



I know what you mean. I have a list of about a dozen sites I've bookmarked. I make my rounds, comment, read, and then post my blog.
I love it when people post everyday. I'm such a needy reader. *grinning*
And blogger?
Yeah, I've done some writhing in my time. If it takes more than five seconds to load a blogger page, I automatically assume the position.