Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Lunch at Chili's--Happy Birthday Amber!!!

Yesterday was an unexpected type of day. I rolled out of bed to find a message from my sister inviting me to lunch. We always have lunch with mom on our birthdays.
I thought that was very nice to be included, so I accepted.
First...the service was lackluster. Okay...non-existent. The food was great. Amber, being the Manager she is, let them know right away that their service left a lot to be desired. I was laughing. Watching my younger sister on a roll like that was wonderful. I just shook my head and tried to hide the snorting.
She also gifted me with a gift certificate to be rubbed down for forty-five minutes from a salon in town. WOOHOO!!! I cannot wait. I'm scheduling this fairly soon.
I immediately left our lovely luncheon and proceeded to shop a bit. Then the kids came home. Needed to shop a more. Washed the car. Came home. Then the problem hit. I became ill. It was an all-of-a-sudden type thing. One minute I'm putting up groceries, the next I'm outside because our bathroom is occupied. Dry heaves. Man. I hurt. Don't know exactly what got into me, but I retired early and slept late this morning. Still feel not quite up to par, but better.
Tomorrow, I'm writing on "The Portrait." Left my Sophie in a very interesting place. She and Dylan have issues. LMAO

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