Monday, March 07, 2005


Once again, there's too much week at the end of the paycheck. Why is this? Perhaps car insurance? Life insurance? AOL insurance? Somebody is making some money here. And I mean "here" figuratively. Over $200 of this check went to some type of insurance or other. When have I had an accident? Never. When is the last time I used AAA? Months ago. But lo and behold, if I cease to pay my fee, you can bet your sweet bippy it'll happen.
I love my van. I do. It's priceless. Too bad the gas going into it is the same. It's risen over ten cents here this weekend. It's almost $2.00 a gallon! I wonder if someone would be willing to car pool. You don't have to take me to the exact building, mind you. Just get close, slow down, and I'll jump out the door.
And why do we always get nailed right before summer? *snapping fingers* Oh yes. People will be driving to their favorite vacation locales and attempting to relax. That may be difficult when we're paying more in gas than we are on the hotel room. I wonder how the kids will feel about a field trip to the local market? I think I might be able to scrounge up enough change to get us there. Maybe.

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username said...

I'm convinced that ass monkeys are supposedly in charge of the world.

We intelligent folks are greatly outnumbered and unable to take back the world from said ass monkeys.

Perhaps we should conquer the world's cheese supply instead.