Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The "otica" craze--My twisted take

psychotica--literature for the imbalanced
slumberotica--literature to fall asleep to
agoraotica--literature not allowed outside the house
crapotica--literature not even suitable for the bottom of the birdcage
eternotica--literature that just goes on and on and on and on
nocturnotica--literature only to be read at night
animotica--literature for the animal in your life
paranotica--literature outside the normal conventions and everyday wisdoms
publicotica--literature for everyday consumption
werotica--literature for creatures
mythotica--literature you just can't quite believe
musicotica--literature you can jam to
computerotica--literature in html
aromotica--literature that smells good
comfortotica--literature you can wallow in

More to come
©Crystal Inman 2005

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username said...

This was pure delight to read! I hope you post it down many lists and share it. *g*