Friday, March 11, 2005

I've lost a day

Yesterday was a blur. I was up early, helped out at the school, cleaned up, went back to the school, and attended Parent/Teacher conferences. By the way, the kids are highly intelligent. *grins*
I vaguely remember stumbling into bed. Likewise with getting up this morning. Today we had to run way out to my Mom's to feed the chickens (REAL ONES) and her dog. Then we rushed back home and tore down a fence. A large fence. Took down the barbed wire so the kids have a bigger yard. So on and so forth. Of course, the required trip to Wally World. I'm dog-tired. And tomorrow is MORE running around. Oh...and mowing the lawn. First mowing of the Spring. And so it begins...
We had a panic today when the weatherman referred today as a "Good Friday." OMG! Did we miss Easter? Was it one week from now? That's the fastest I've moved all day. HUSTLED to a calendar and breathed a sigh of relief. OH THANK GOD! Another paycheck between now and then. *laughing*
Kids are out for Spring Break. I'm waiting until Sunday or Monday to beat them with the cleaning stick. Serious child room cleaning is required. Believe me.
On a writing note...I've discovered several things I would like to put in my giftbasket for giveaways for my first book. "Virtually Yours" comes out this October with
I'm thinking about giving away a massage as part of the gift basket. Um...from a professional *grinning*. Gift certificates. And I want to make a basket for the kid's next bookfair. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

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username said...

Oh me, please! Can I win a massage? *g* I've never had one! LOL

Sounds like you're gonna have a fun week. I wanna finish the book on the history of women's dance I've been reading. Very fascinating.

Serious room cleaning is in order probably on Thursday since the oldest is gone until Tuesday and will need Wednesday to recuperate.

Did I mention I now have all my stuff for the BOS2 giveaway? *g*