Monday, March 14, 2005


The brain is a great and wondrous thing. I give it a puzzle, and it will work on it non-stop until the answer is found. Or I have a migraine. One way or the other.
I am one of those people who has the best ideas right before they go to sleep. I kid you not. I'm horizontal. Just fading into slumber. And my brain is like, "HEY! She's captive now. I've got her full attention. Here's what I've been doing all day."
I have the best story ideas. The best ideas. Period. I've taken to putting a notepad on the table beside the bed.
"The Portrait" is a Paranormal Romance. Another twist came to me last night. No kidding. And it's absolutely perfect. So, while I jam to my media player (right now Big 'n' Rich are on), I will hammer out more of "The Portrait." I believe I'm right around mid-point. I'm about to hit a major turning point.
While on the subject of writing, I'm formulating the plot to "Virtually Impossible", the second book in my "Virtual" series. There are just two of them. "Virtually Yours" comes out this October.
The chickens are behaving. My brain is motating. And Diet Pepsi is abound. Write on.

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username said...

Go you!

I had three people IM me today and ask how the writing was going. I had to laugh because the boys are home. LOL

I'm still trying to work on stuff, though. It's just not at my usual level of output. *g*