Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spring Day

Busy day here in the hayfield. I mowed the lawn and the liberated pasture where we took down the fence. We had to purchase more wood for the woodstove since it is supposed to turn a little colder this week. Did a little fishing at the pond(they weren't biting much). Baked myself a tad bit. Let the chickens play in the sprinkler.
I've added several new links to my website page. The URL is
Please feel free to stop by if you haven't already.
I stayed up the other night and listened to Artist First radio. I'm booked for an interview with Jewel in October (the month of my first release). It was great fun to listen to the authors chat, and it gives me an idea of how I would like my interview to sound.
Tomorrow is cleaning day. And, judging by the rooms, probably Monday, too. *laughing* But when it's done, it's done. I'm more of a "get it done" type person anyway.
I'll be working on "The Portrait" the week of the kid's Spring Break (when I can). Part of me is wanting to jump into the next book of my Suspense series. I have the plot and title. But I believe I will stick with finishing my Paranormal romance and make notes on my Suspense.
Enjoy the weekend. And if you hear the loud groans of four children...ignore them.


username said...

Sounds like you've had fun. I need a nap. *g*

Yeah, keep working on that until it's done and make notes on the other. Course, if you can figure out how to get stuff done with your girls home for the week, please share with me since the boys are home down here as well. *g*

swamp4me said...

I always imagined that when my kids went off to college my house would be clean...I always thought that the clutter was because of the two boys. Ha! The joke's on me -- turns out that my husband and I are the true slobs. Of course, since neither of us are bothered by clutter we just tend to ignore it. Both of us would rather be outside anyway :)