Sunday, March 20, 2005

Don't give numbers to a person with OCD

OCD=Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder
Think "Monk" on USA network.

I have OCD. Not to the point of letting it run my life, such as Adrian Monk. But I have OCD with several things. I lock and relock doors. I constantly check my alarm clock to see if it's set. I like to touch things. If I'm shopping in Wal-Mart, I have to touch almost everything I see. Not so much the food. But everything else. The fabrics. I just want to touch.
Labels must be facing out. I like things even. And if not even, then symmetrical. This is not with everything though. Let me pop a little disclaimer on here. *grins* There are just SOME things that must be the way I put them. And I like things grouped together. *humming "One of these things is not like the other" from Sesame Street*
And numbers? Oh GOD! I love numbers. But... it can be a little out-of-control. I used to have to do something FOUR times before I was convinced I was done. It was my magic number. I also like 7.
I hate math, so this is all ironic.
Numbers. I have a site meter on this blog. And I love it. It lets me see that people have dropped by to visit and whatnot. I like it. But I constantly want to jack with it. I am waiting expectantly for the day my book will come out. And then there will REALLY be numbers. *shuddering in anticipation* I might need medication. *laughing*
I've gotten better. Or so I thought. If I really look at a locked door, I mean STUDY it, I won't go back three times and check it. I'm trying to imprint it on my brain. I mentally tell myself it's locked. And I won't go back.
But this constant changing of numbers? Oh man... the agony and the ecstasy.


swamp4me said...

Your post gave me a laugh. While I don't obsess over locks or clocks, I can be a little freaky about symmetry. If you could see my house you might shake your head in wonder at this statement. Why? Because my house is a wreck. If I straighten things up and put them where I want them and then some person or pet comes along and moves things...well, let's just say the demon lurking within shows its ugly face. So, my ultimate solution is to allow utter chaos. According to Dr. Phil this makes me a control freak -- go figure :)

username said...

I'm of the opinion that Dr. Filk is a Narcissistic arrogant ass clown.

I have yet to hear him (the few times I've paid any attention, mind you) say anything useful or intelligent or applicable to my life. Hence, I ignore him. Heh.

I think I need a nap today since spring break is over.

chryscat said...

Oh yes. I snarl when my things are moved. I'm sure I look like something similar to the werewolf in "Harry Potter."
I have to choose my battles. Some things must just sliiiiiiiiide, for the sake of my sanity. Other things cannot. Odd little organ, our brain.
Swampy...I tried this once. It was um...not aesthetically pleasing. *grins* Me. Or the house.
Kel...Take a nap. The orclings will be home soon enough. And then the games begin.