Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yeah. My characters talk to me.

A small amount of debate between writers about whether their characters are "real" or not.
Some writers speak to the fact that Hey! They come out of your head...so they are YOU.
Others, such as myself, don't agree. Well, they're us. To an extent.

We use...like what? Three percent of our brain? Who knows what lurks in the depths of our cranium?
My characters come fully formed. Their voices echo throughout my head during opportune and inopportune times. And sometimes, when I don't jot things down, I can' sleep. Because the voices won't let me.
And do you ever have a moment when you're in the middle of a scene, and it just FLOWS from you? You're not writing...you're transcribing.
Where does this creativity come from? Who knows? No one does for a certainty. NO ONE.
So I'll just keep bipping along and listening to the voices in my head. They haven't steered me wrong yet.



Gena Showalter said...

My characters talk to me, too! They certainly seem like real people in my head. And they've got attitude, bossing me around LOL I tried to explain this to my mom and she looked at me as if I needed medication. I still laugh about that day.

Nancy J. Bond said...

My characters are always "real people". And yes, I salivate just thinking of those times when the words simply drip from the ends of your fingers ... transcription is exactly what it is! Whenever I'm developing a story, the characters always speak to me first, long before the details of plot and such are hammered out. I think it's that 3D characterization that makes your story sing! Great post!

Tori Lennox said...

My characters are real. Not that I have any intention of trying to explain that to most of the non-writers I know, family members included. They think I'm weird enough as it is. But people never seem to understand that I like being by myself. Because I'm never REALLY by myself. I've got all these people in my head to keep me company.

Rene said...

Okay, I'll be contrary. No my characters do not talk to me. They are not "real people" in my head. They are facets of me. I see my characters, know all about them, but I never lose control of them.

Lyvvie said...

I don't any other voices in my head; my Mother still resides in there and calls to me while rushing about the mall. A little game my brain plays with me; "LYyyyyyvvviiieee!!""Hey is that your Mom??" and I'm looking around with sudden panic.

heh heh heh. wicked. I do know of one other person this happens to, and it's worse for her as her Mom is dead.

Eva Gale said...

Oh me too!

Yep yep yep!