Monday, May 01, 2006

Trial by Fire

Yep. Two posts in one day. Which I suppose is ironic because I've only written a couple hundred words on OEE.
That's because I'm irritated. And creativity when this happens? Not so much.

I've just found out that I'm taking a test. A test I was previously unaware I was taking. Apparently a lot hinges on this. And the person giving the test thinks they're going to fail.
Confused? Yeah. Me, too.
I have enough issues of my own. I think we're all aware of it. (And if not, all you have to do is reference some of my previous posts.)
But this person has issues, too. A whole subscription as a matter of fact.
If I make a lot of money and STILL like this person...then I'm staying around them because I CHOOSE to. Not because I NEED to.

This pisses me off.
I'm not some wishy-washy individual who will lower myself to do this. I'm not so damn needy that I would put myself through misery as a sacrifice. Those days are gone.
It's called my first marriage.

All right. I feel a bit better. Let off a little steam. Glasses have defogged. Life goes on.

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