Monday, May 22, 2006

The End

I watched the season finale and last show of Charmed yesterday evening. And it was absolutely marvelous. And yes, I shed a tear. It wrapped everything up nicely. Happy endings. Threads all tied. And just so you know...they were tied up in the last six minutes of the show. I checked my clock. Each sister had two minutes. And it worked.
The End is a powerful thing. Done right...the reader is either asking for more or satisfied with the turn of events. Done wrong...the reader chucks the book at the nearest passerby and curses the author's existence. Fine line.
Because reader's have LONG memories when all is not well in the literary world.
Many writers love the beginning of the book. All the ideas and characters are new and shiny. Life is wonderful. The sun is smiling down on their world with shades on. The possibilities are endless.
But The End? Just as important. Maybe more so. Same characters...unless you've killed your darlings. And for romance, the sun should be shining again. What can I say? That's how it works.
The End is a summation of all your hard work. Threads tied. Characters happy. And your reader damn well better be pleased, also. We, as writers, don't have the last six minutes of the show to illustrate that everyone will live happily-ever-after. Our The End starts well ahead of that usually. We draw the threads tighter and tighter until our literary darlings are nice and cozy. And that feeling of comfort should spill over to the reader.

The beginning? Yes. Important. But The End? Just as, if not more so.
What season or show finales did you like? Which absolutely irritated you? 'Tis the season. And I have to say...Charmed rocked. Grey's Anatomy was pretty good. But the last minute of CSI? Priceless.


Tori Lennox said...

I'd have liked the end of CSI better if I liked her. *g* But I find her fairly annoying.

Nancy J. Bond said...

There are no season finales that stand out right off hand, but I am SO looking forward to the finale of LOST tomorrow night! :)

Endings are important--to me, they can make or break a good book or movie. I watched a movie a couple weeks ago (it couldn't have been very memorable because I can't even remember what it was...) ... it had such a bad, predictable ending. One of those ones where you move to the edge of your seat and say, 'they wouldn't DARE!' :)

Rene said...

Good post.

I think of my ending long before the rest of my story. The ending is the pay off for the reader so it had better be good.

Ceri said...

Haven't seen too many endings yet that have stuck with me. Lost I'm sure will (but every episode sticks with me). Will & Grace was relatively satisfying I guess. My favorite thus far is The Office with Jim telling Pam that he loved her, laying everything on the line to tell her, and then their kiss at the end. I would love to write a scene like that. Its going to be a long time til September!

Lyvvie said...

They've canceled CSI?!?!

That's so cruel.