Thursday, May 11, 2006

Temporal Suspension

I've decided this is what I need. Who do I see about that?
Why, you ask?
For the following reasons:

My oldest chicken is about half an inch shorter than I am. I'd like to keep her that way. Selfish? Yes. But I still assure her that I will always be bigger. You get my drift.
I have LOTS of stories to write. LOTS. And I want to be able to give them all the time I have. Everyday life? Geez. It tends to get in the way. I'm actually going to start making charts for summertime activities so I know what's going on.
Which brings me to...I know my gray matter is in a state of emergency. Not only do I need more memory for my computer, but my wee cranium could use a boost, also. So I need to suspend time and conserve what I have left. *snicker*
Where has this year gone? It's May. My kids will be out of school in one week. *breathing deeply* But before I know it, I'll be buying backpacks and school supplies again.
And not only am I worried about my gray so happens I have gray hair. On the sides. For all the world to see. I think that started when I hit thirty. I don't remember it before then. Dang it!
Wait! Wait! And doesn't a woman's metabolism slow down about this time? ACK!!!

Yeah. That's it. I've had it. Someone slow down the hourglass. Because I'm sinking in the sand.


Tori Lennox said...

Welcome to my world. *g*

Ceri said...

A week? Yikes! My ducklings have at least another month. And then summer school will kick in for my oldest duckling. I wish I could stay home with them.

No gray hair here.... or if there is I've colored over it. But I have it in spirit. :)

good luck on your synopsis. I've got about a page written on mine. Oy.

Dorothy said...

LOL, don't really do get better with age only you don't know it yet. You'll see. Cherish those times with your's over faster than you can blink an eye. I wish mine were still little and I was doing all those school things with the kids and everything but you know what? It is really neat having them grown, too. ;o)

Eva Gale said...

Buy are we in the same boat.

::passes Chrys a life jacket:::

Eva Gale said...

BOY. I meant, BOY are we in the same boat.

*smacks forehead*

See? Draining Grey Matter.

Lyvvie said...

Times like this I remember the wise words of Dory the Fish "Just keep swimming, swimming swimming..."

It makes me forget all that serious boring stuff like grey hairs. do what I do: Dye them crayola red! Slower metabolism just means you need a faster car.

Need a bigger brain, clear out the guff: forget all the bad things that ever happened, just remember the wisdom they brought. Forgive a few folks who annoyed you once upon a time and then clean the house, open all the windows and...that's about it. Oh wait, that's almost a metaphor!

Tess Harrison said...

Wow! I can't believe schools almost out. That's just crazy! But I know what you mean. . . I need more time too.

Rene said...

I want time to speed up until September 2007 then it can slow down. I really want my last kid in school. Then I will clambering for time.

We have another month before school lets out and I'm dreading it. I'm looking hard for things for the kids to do so they will end their ceaseless fighting.

Michelle said...

I feel like it was only yesterday when my kids were born. Crazy how fast time passes, isn't it?