Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pick me! Pick me!

Is anyone else having a Horshak visual? Hmmmmmm

I finished writing my book. It's 67,745 words. And now comes the dreaded query.
For those of you not in the writing business, a query is simply a brief introductory letter that includes information about the book (length, genre, title), SMALL overview of the book, and information about the author. A query is normally a page.

When I write a query, I always visualize agents and editors as those in charge of "picking" their winning team. Rather like children do in gym. And all the little queries are backed up against the gym wall, praying for someone to pick them fairly soon. Because who likes to be picked last?
Except for in the query world, you don't have to be picked at all. THAT is terrifying.
My little query is already having a slight nervous breakdown. And so am I.
Have I dressed my query correctly? Have I presented it as best I could?
What if my query is wearing a red shirt (body wording is too vivacious), and one of the editors HATES red? Or if they don't like the shoes (closing) my query has? Or the salutation (hat)?
What if my query happens to use a word that makes an agent cringe?
What's a writer to do?
Because I happen to think that when I finish polishing my query, it's beautiful. All fresh-faced and ready to step out into the real world. High hopes and big smiles. And maybe it can play better than others. All it needs is that one chance. Could be the game winner.
So I'll coddle my query today. Make sure every word is strategically placed. Be proud. And then send the baby off to play with the big boys. Because it's ready.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Congrats on finishing, first of all! And good luck with your query! ::clapping::

Eva Gale said...

I think if you keep it short and sweet with a clear concise GMC of the H/h you cannot help but have a winning query. Even if they reject the idea. Because they WILL HATE you if it's 5 pages, with circular rambling and on pink paper.

Good luck!!!

And yes, she should have gouged me in the eye. Multiple times.

Silma said...

Oh I hate queries and synopsises! Ugh! That's why I prefer to deal with Cobblestone Press. They don't require either. Just send them the manuscript and that's that. *lol* And they answer pretty quick too! Sometimes in as little as 4 days. *g*

Rene said...

I could live without a Horshak visual, thank you very much. Kudos on getting the book done.

As for queries, I like writing them. I hate synopses, but I like query letters. My advice is to keep it simple, don't go for the fireworks, get the basics down before you try and spice it up.

BTW, saw you online but I had a headache and couldn't stay on long, will look for you tomorrow.

Tori Lennox said...

Good luck, sweetie!