Sunday, May 07, 2006

Writing exercise or how I spent my Sunday amusing myself

I've finally found it! The magic formula!
Remember Mad Libs from back in the day? Here's a new form for writers to simply fill out their information and then PRESTO! A story!
Try it out!

(Heroine's Name) has led a lonely life. She always felt different. And now she knows why. (Affliction) changed her. (Heroine's Name) now realizes that it was all for the best as she sheds her loneliness and throws herself into helping (Hero's Name). There are dangers around every corner, but these two only need to (Action Verb) together to save (Noun).
The (Noun)s may be (Verb) against her, but (Heroine's Name) will (Verb) in the end.

Wow. Who knew?

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