Saturday, May 27, 2006


I've found myself lately being drawn to Paranormal Romance. Never mind I'm halfway through with a Contemporary Erotic Romance. No. Never mind all that. I've discovered I like the paranormal freedom. Whatever I think can benefit the story...I'll find a way to put it in there.

Shapeshifters, to me, are the mavericks of the paranormal world. How hard would it be to be yourself when, well, you could be ANYONE else? How complex is a shapeshifter who has dual (or more) consciousness?
And if you write shapeshifters...can they only retain one shape? Human to animal? Or can they shift to whatever they damn well please? And how much is too much?

I have a shapeshifter who calls to me. He's rather clever. Or so he thinks. But we'll see who has the last word. Won't we?

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Tori Lennox said...

Ooo, I love shapeshifters! I have three of them myself. :) You make some good points I hadn't considered, though, about their complexity. Mine only shift into animal form, as far as I know. Big cats mostly. Though at least one can shift into other animals, too, which comes in handy if he has to run around town much. *g* He's liable to have much less trouble as a dog than a jaguar. :)

And I suspect you're gonna be toast. *g*