Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mending fences

Misunderstandings. Arguments. Disagreements.
They rather tend to breakdown the lines of communication quickly and cause problems. In real life. And fiction.
Some of these problems escalate to the point of no return. Feelings are hurt. Relationships damaged. People are finished and choose not to renew or repair the problem.

But mending fences? It's hard. So hard. And sometimes you need time to repair yourself before you attempt to repair the rift that separates you and the other(s). And depending on the issue, you may choose not to work on it at all. There are pains so deep that you wonder how you're going to make it. Much less reach your hand out to someone who had a part in causing that pain.
But until you mend the fence, part of you will always be open and hurting. I'm not talking about murder, rape, or other felonious crimes. Verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. Because I don't have the knowledge to try and point out a way to work on that. I'm not equipped. There must be professionals in place to help you cope with these issues. And if you're in this help.

But arguments that have reached the boiling point? Words spoken in anger that you wish you could take back?
Try to mend the fence. Reach out and make an attempt. If the relationship can't be salvaged, that's one thing. But if it can...closure is cathartic. And you can make such a lovely fence.

(Just a little note. Don't know what possessed me to write this today. But I felt the need.)

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Janie said...

Great post and true.

I mended a fence with my sister and mother this year. But it took therapy to do it.

However, I learned one lesson, bitterness and anger only eat the person who holds them. And life is too short to be angry.

Most fences can be mended.

We all have things we regret doing or saying. We are only human.