Saturday, May 27, 2006

A lot of fish in the sea

There are a buttload of publishers out there right now. Both epub and trad pub. What do YOU look for when you're submitting?
Word of Mouth?
Appearance of site?
Book covers?
Where they advertise?
Something else I'm missing entirely?



Olga said...

I choose the publisher if my writing seems to fit there and vice versa!

Bryan said...


Actually, I'm a few months from that right now. For me, a lot depends upon which one gets finished first (I just switched focus; gotta hate that) and then whether the publisher will accept unagented authors. If not I have to shop for an agent first.

One of my story lines might work well with someone like EC in which case I'll submit there first.

Amy said...

Um, er, where does my story fit? *g* As a category writer that's pretty much it. While there are definite downsides to having only one place you can submit your stories, it has its upsides too. Like not having to decide where to send it. :)