Sunday, May 21, 2006

Comedy hour at the coop

I was tired yesterday. Tucked into bed around 2:30 pm and decided to take a nap.
Wasn't meant to be.

Baby Chicken asked if she could get on WordPad and practice her keyboarding (translation: touch Mama's computer under the guise of something educational). I don't let my children touch my computer. One of my goals this summer is to buy them their own. I'm afraid one wrong click, and I'll have to thin the coop out, if you get my drift.
So I'm lying in bed, resting my eyes, and oldest chicken comes in. She borrowed a game from a friend and is tearing it up in the Gameboy SP world. She proceeds to plant her hindquarters on my feet. Open eyes, narrow them, close them again. Because I still somehow think I'll be able to take a two-hour nap.
BC then types about what is happening in the house. The two chickens are talking. I open my eyes and look at the both of them. Then BC looks over at OC and says, "Don't look over here." tap tap tap tap tap "I'm offending you."
And that started it.
They proceed to utterly rip on each other in the most adult of fashions. And I'm helpless to the laughter that bubbles up. Because as soon as BC ends, OC begins again. It's rather like watching Don Rickles (BC) and Phyllis Diller (OC) go at it. Neither got hateful. They didn't call each other names. But I swear to you, I've never been more entertained in my life.
Now. If I can only harness that intellectuality for the greater good. *snicker*


Tori Lennox said...

"I'm offending you."

ROFL! How old is she?

chryscat said...

Tori: BC is 10 1/2. OC is 12 1/2. But BC is well-armed in the battle of wits, believe me.

Ceri said...

LOL Aren't kids grand? Mine argue all the time-and I have 4 this weekend. See why I didn't get any rest? Or any writing done?


Danica/Dream said...


I'm terrified, though, because the two year old and five year old already have these fights!

Lyvvie said...

We play the "What's in the baby's mouth now?" game and it's great fun. They don't fight with each other very much at all...that means I'm doing things right, right? Or is it I've bought the right proof of gin?

I hope you manage a wee siesta for your self soon enough.