Sunday, April 17, 2005

Xerox WTF?

I happened to catch a commercial last night. This was set in a college class about writing. The professor was explaining how a very SMALL percentage of writers would be published. So much money needed to be put out for promotion, publicity, et al.
And this young man stands up and says not true. Xerox will help them publish their books. Xerox? WTF? Are you kidding me?
Okay. Several problems. I am doubting there is ANY type of an editor involved. This will give those of us who have POD a bad name. Okay, a worse name. You know, Staples will copy and collate for me. But I NEVER considered doing that. I mean, really. I can understand wanting to have a book published SO BAD. But Xerox? Come again? I'm simply stunned by this whole revelation.
And on a related note: The new PSP will read e-books. How awesome is that? Of course, being technologically behind as I am, I probably won't get one of those until one of my grandchildren feels sorry enough to give me their hand me downs.


username said...

Were you just struck by blam?

Or would that be spog?

chryscat said...

Geez. This is par for the course. What a jacked-up week/month.
You'll pardon me if I go back to bed and sleep until June.

username said...

I think your idea is sounding better and better. *g*

I think you can delete those comments that were left and unasked for, btw.

Silma said...

There are so many PODs out there with low cost offers, he could have chosen one of them. Xerox might want to enter into the POD universe, but I don't think it'll succeed. Xerox, the word, has become synonym of photocoping. I don't think you can change people's mind about it.