Sunday, April 24, 2005


Another personality trait bites me on the butt. *grinning*
Moderation? What's that?
So...we're digging trenches in the ground to pour concrete and such. And I'm a hands-on individual anyway. Set the scene:
The WHOLE north side of the house (just east of the wellhouse) is sectioned off. Then we need to dig the trenches. I'm feeling froggy. I'll just lend a hand.
I have dug until my back aches and all but two trenches are done. I tore it up.
Now my hands have blisters on them, and my back is in need of naproxen. But I can see the progress. I think we're having a concrete truck come in and do the pouring. Then we'll build forms. Then we'll have walls and such. It should take less than a month! Can you believe that? I am in AWE.
It may even be done before the chickens are out of school.
Now I must divide my precious time between the writing and the building. BUT... once my new room is's ON!
Thanks for all the congratulations! It'll be nice to not have exactly 5 x 3 feet to work in.


username said...

Try some ice on the back, chickadee! It can be very beneficial.

Silma said...

You be careful, or you won't get to enjoy your new office, girl!