Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Down the home stretch

Despite all time-wasters by me and efforts by others, I am finally on the home stretch of "The Portrait." I have approximately 8,000 words left, give or take. And I am PUMPED! WOO! I've read over the manuscript again the other day to fine-tune and retain the feel of the voice in the ending. And I actually like it. I like it the best, as far as form and tightness, right now. This, however, will change once I have another idea and start tapping away on it. *snickering* Then I'll be off to play with windmills again.
The ending is finished. I'm simply dropping two scenes in near the end. That's it. Finito.
I'll believe I'll query on my Suspense/Thriller, tap out a few items on my children's book, and start another Contemporary Romance this weekend. So I'm rather in a bubbly mood despite having to go to school to pick one of the chickens up. Her stomach hurt. AND--they don't attend school Friday AGAIN! I want to go back to school. Um. Okay. Not really. *grinning*
I'd rather be here, parked in front of my computer, losing my mind and typing my words.
Sometimes I only accomplish one of the three. And I'm not saying which.


Silma said...

Uh... How many cups of coffee have you had?

chryscat said...


Though this may be hard to believe, I've never had a cup of coffee. I'm high on life. And um...Diet Pepsi and pink lemonade.
*grinning* Skeery, huh?

Silma said...

Still it's caffeine. *g*