Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Which genre?

I've always been drawn to writing. I love words. Nothing would please me more than to be able to speak every dialect/language there is. Communicate with the masses. Understand everyone's words.

I've read romance since before I probably knew what the whole she-bang was about. *grinning* And that's the first book I wrote. But now I find myself branching out and giving other genres a go. I've written a Suspense/Thriller which I've developed into a series. I have a children's book I've started, but I'm dedicated to editing "Virtually Yours" and writing "The Portrait." Romance is definitely my core writing, but I'm not pigeonholing myself. There are other people to reach and other words to write. And there is nothing wrong with my wanting to write them. I know there is a stigma in music if you "cross over." Some people of the original genre are incensed. But readers are different, I believe. If I can write more than one genre, I should. And I am.
Romance is my first love and always will be. There's no denying that. I embrace it. But I hunger for more worlds and words. I want to have it all. :)~~


username said...

It's fun to cross genres. Why limit yourself? *g*

Nancy Henderson said...

I feel exactly the same way!

Eva Gale said...

We need different genre's for each personality. Maybe that's just me...*eg*

I love words too. I wish I knew more languages so I could always find just the right one.

People who stick you in holes are just limiting their own creativity.
Keep going.

Silma said...

We, writers, have multiple personalities, so we gotta please them all when it comes to writing. I have even named each one of them. *hehehe*