Monday, April 18, 2005

Mixed bag

Today I've taken the bad with the good. The van is still in the shop. SIGH
My yard looks nekkid. I can't stand it.
But...the lovely FedEx man came to see me today. And he brought me CELL PHONES! WOO! I am such a dweeb. But it is so neat! Had to call Mom and put my contact information in. I can talk to Mom for free. Won't that be fun? *grinning*
And...I sent off my query to my publisher, and she wanted the full! This is my Paranormal Romance, "The Portrait." I am walking on air. :)
That has totally made my day! That would make book #3. I spent the rest of the day doing research for names for my FBS (Four Book Set). These are important. Usually I can pretty much think of a name, and it clicks. These have meanings, ergo, research is required. Having quite a fun time perusing them.
So, it's been a good day. All in all. Tomorrow I think I'll do some more research and perhaps work on another ms. Can't wait. And mebbe the auto gods will smile upon me. I'm having withdrawals.


Eva Gale said...

Happy happy for you!!!

username said...

Congrats to you and good luck!