Thursday, April 28, 2005

I love Kermit the Frog

No really. :)~~
This isn't a case of amphibian lust, I'm simply enamoured of Kermit.
What is it about this green guy?
Well...he's pleasant. He's intelligent. Who else could run "The Muppet Show?" Surely not Gonzo. Or Fozzie. Kermit is witty. He knows it's not easy being green, but he does it with panache. He has a lovely singing voice.
I grew up watching Kermit the Frog. Right now I have three Kermits on my desk. I have one in the van who rides shotgun. And I am in dire need of Kermit slippers!
Hear my SOS!
The first pair of Kermit slippers I had, I left one in a hotel room while on vacation. I almost turned around and went back. The second pair I have is worn through. And I have had a manic search going on for about four months. And no Kermit slippers in sight! I've tried websites, stores, etc. Nothing!
My baby assures me when she's older she's buying me a car and painting it Kermit green. I love that girl. LMAO
Okay...I digress. Now that I've shared my frog feelings with the world.
But seriously, if you see Kermit slippers...e-mail me!

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