Tuesday, April 19, 2005


FBS-Four Book Set
I've found the names I'm looking for, and they are in place. I'd actually started this book about three months ago. There was a different mindset to it. And about a month ago, it clicked. And I saw the FBS. I had only written about five pages, but this morning I added the prologue. The word count stands a little over 2,000 words. And now it seems REAL. If this goes well, and I'm really thinking it might, I would like to peddle this one to an agent. It's high concept and different.
I'll probably rotate this out with a couple of Contemporaries I'm working on so I don't lose my mind.
Next project up. More to come as things shape up.
My first book, "Virtually Yours", is with my editor right now. I'm kind of dreading the edit process. I KNOW! I shouldn't. But some little part of me is freaking out. Slightly. hehehe Can't help meself.
Happy writing!


username said...

Go you!

swamp4me said...

I enjoy these little glimpses into the writing process. It almost seems as if you have different channels in your head and you flip between them -- or maybe you have picture in a picture on your mental TV! Anyway, good luck (or should that be break a pencil??) on the FBS.

Olga said...

Best of luck with FBS! I hope it will get you an agent!

chryscat said...

Kel, I'm going! I'm going!

Swampy, Thank you for the kind words. My mental proclivities need not be examined too closely, though. The well is deep, and there are creatures abound.
Thanks for the good wishes for the FBS. I am one excited woman!

Olga, From your mouth to God's ear. I have a very good feeling about this, though.