Saturday, April 09, 2005

The OCD Strikes Back

OCD-Not to be confused with "The O.C.", that cheesy teen show on TV. *grinning* OCD-Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. I got me some. I'm apparently more compulsive than obsessive. (I've been doing research.)
So. Here I am. Bookmarks galore, and they are NOT in order. That bothers me. A lot. I've tried to let it slide. But, alas, I cannot.
There must be come EASY way to arrange the little suckers in alphabetical order. Um...NO. I even asked AOL. Nope. You have to click and drag them to where you want them.
I have TWO problems with this. ONE: Why in the blue blazes could they not be filed alphabetically when you bookmark them? TWO: Why can't I press CTRL ABC or something?
And there I was yesterday. Clicking. Dragging. Cursing.
Finally I finished. YAY!
Then comes the second part of the funfest. Today I logged on and suddenly freaked out. My whole system is in shambles.
The "Writeminded" blog used to be below "Allison Brennan." Now, they are at different ends of the spectrum. "Jill Shalvis" is somewhere in the middle now. "A Giggle of Gals" used to be right above TOR FAQ. That was easy to find. I just scrolled until I saw all caps.
I must admit. The list looks tidy now. But I must reacquaint myself with sites I regularly visit. So. If I'm a usual visitor to your blog/site, and you don't see me for awhile, you know why. I'm not being a stranger. Or, at least, any stranger than usual.

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username said...

Mozilla alphabetizes them. *g*