Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm addicted

I have several addictions. Chocolate ranks right up there. Not just any chocolate, though. I can't stand fudge or brownies. Go figure. Diet Pepsi. That's a given.

But a top five addiction is office supplies. Pick your jaw up off the floor. I'm not kidding. Office supplies.

What IS it with the boxes of pens and packages of pencils? The aroma of fresh pencil lead in the morning? Pretty pens with fresh ink? Post-it notes in a rainbow of colors and sizes? Folders. Staplers. Push pins. Highlighters. SIGH
Man, I LOVE this stuff. My ideal desk would be medium sized with cubbies and perfect spaces for paper, folders, and envelopes. There would be a place for erasers, pencils, and pens. Highlighters of every size and color would cuddle up side by side in their container. Office supplies without prejudice. *snickering* I'm slightly rum-dum. FULL day.
Today I spent all day with my friend, Sherry. Sherry is loads of fun. We've known each other almost ten years. We did the Chinese buffet. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
And then we ran all over town. Near the end, I had her swing by the Dollar Store so I could pick up some more composition books. I write my notes in them and work off them. These are like GOLD to me. I remember them from college. They're plain. Black and white. Rather generic. But these hold my hopes and dreams.
Maybe that's why I love office supplies so. I can type all day. But to feel the pen/pencil in my hand and see the words scrawled across the page. That's addicting.

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username said...

Glad you had such a fun day! You deserved it!