Thursday, April 07, 2005

Am I the only one?

If I am, then that's fine, too. *grinning*
I will be over the hump in my manuscript. I have the climactic finish in my cranium. Almost verbatim. And I'm ready to move on. What IS that?
I probably have 15,000 more words or so on my paranormal. But I am dying to start on my four-book set. This will call for some willpower. *groan*
Is anybody else like this? I love all my stories, but when I reach a certain spot in each of them, I want to start another. I've already started sketching in plot, characters, et cetera on the first book. But I haven't begun writing it yet. See? Willpower. ACK
I'm ready to put the paranormal to bed. I wrote 2500 words yesterday. The same or more scheduled today. So, in reality, I'll finish within my two-week timeline. But the voices in my head! I'll have to do my computer time, and then bring out the notebook and work on the set. Then there's the querying and such. Too bad I can't wave my hand over my manuscript, and the rest magically appear. By the way, tried it. Almost had carpal tunnel from trying one too many times. So I will persevere and tap out the ending to "The Portrait." It's the least I can do. :)~~
And then, *rubbing hands together*, I have the chance to play with some more lives. Man, I love my job.


Sharon said...

Uhm well, when I reach a certain point in my WIP, it's not so much a matter of wanting to start another one as it is wanting to hurl the current one into the toilet.

username said...

I try to finish one before starting another.

Eva Gale said...

I've actually found that working on two different ms's helps me flow better. When I get cranked in one, I switch gears and work on the other-and it's in the opposite direction. My problem is the ideea factory in my head. I'm always in a semi-orgasmic state about my "new" idea.

Olga said...

It happens to me all the time. Somewhere in the middle of the WIP I have an idea for new plot and characters and want to start the new WIP. Sometimes I have to press myself to work on the old one. But I honestly try not to work on several at a time. Otherwise I won't finish any!

Cavan said...

I generally limit myself to one novel at a time, but writing a novel is such a long process for me that I often want to switch gears. As a result, I often have two or three short stories on the go at any given time.

And then I've got Sharon's problem to deal with...