Monday, April 11, 2005

Point of View

Point of View is extremely important in any literary work. I know there is a MAJOR discussion on several lists about head-hopping. It drives some people up the wall. And I agree to a point. I don't want to know what my characters are thinking in reaction to every line. *shuddering* I wouldn't make it past the first page of that.
BUT...with that in mind...I must say I LIKE to know what the hero and heroine are thinking. I write from the heroine's POV. This is all well and good. But I have no problem with adding the hero's reaction at the end of the scene. Don't we all wonder what people are thinking? I believe that a sprinkling of changing POV's enriches the story. I love to read a book that gives me some indication of how the hero feels throughout the journey. I'm insatiably curious. :)~~
Everything in moderation. Including POV. Utterly doable. And you'll have that interesting piece of work you've always wanted.


Olga said...

I heard all those discussions, too. There's an opinion that there shouldn't be POV change withing the same scene, however, Nora Roberts used to do it, and to do it beautifully. So it might be that famous "it's all in the execution." With that said, I try not to head-hopping withing one scene, but I can give scenes from hero's POV then heroine's POV within the same chapter. I like to know what he's thinking, too!

Eva Gale said...

I hate head hopping. To me it screams lazy writing. I don't mind two POVs delinated with *** throught the book, but no starting the sentance in the Heroines head and finishing it in the Hero's.

The longer I write the more that stuff makes me twitch.

And now back to the cartoon network.

username said...

I'm one of those people who gets bored with a story when it's excessively one-sided.

Life is not just all about one person. Why read fic that's written that way? LOL

Maybe I just had the misfortune of stumbling across some very shallowly written characters. *g*