Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spike TV

I remember hearing about the first network for men. I believe there was a plethora of eye-rolling and snorting. A network for men? Please.
But then I thought about it. And it all made sense. Women have Lifetime and Women's Entertainment, to name a few. It only seemed right men should have their own.
But I avoided it all costs. I didn't need to watch golf, women's breasts, or beer commercials ad nauseum. Bad, bad me. I gender stereo-typed. I'll admit to it. And I'm sorry. Believe me.
I am a very well-rounded and tolerant person. But there are some things that push my buttons. My ex-husband has left me with enough baggage, so that every now and then a suitcase pops up. Spike TV was the suitcase.
But then they had a "CSI" Marathon. CSI! God, I LOVE that show. I watched "CSI: Miami" until they killed off Speed. Haven't watched it since. Pfffftttt.
But Grissom, Katherine, Warrick, Sarah, Greg, and Nick. WOOHOO! Let the fun times roll.
I can't stand 95% of the commercials on Spike. But that's about the same with any network. And I've seen enough Bowflex commercials to make one myself. *snickering*
And then I discovered MXC (Most eXtreme Challenge). For those of us who really love physical comedy, this stuff will make you laugh you ass off. It's a Tokyo show where contestants do the CRAZIEST stunts, while fashionable challenged. It's dubbed over with double entendres and plays on words. Watch this.
And last night...what did Spike TV have on? UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) marathon. Okay. There literally was NOTHING else on. So, I sit down and take a gander. I don't like boxing, so I couldn't really see this going anywhere. BUT... it's not just boxing, it's Mixed Martial Arts.
I grew up watching those movies where the actor's words don't match their lips, so I was rather excited. And it rocked.
So. What have I learned? I've learned that Spike TV airs great shows made from acronyms. And I've learned that even this redneck girl might give the guys network a break. Until another suitcase shows up.

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username said...

MXC is fucking hilarious! No other way to put it! Can you imagine basing a fic on that in some bizarre manner or another?! LOL