Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mouse in the house

I wish I were kidding about this one. attack cat/psycho kitty/studmuffin caught a mouse in the house. I used the catch and release program. I am NOT scrubbing mousie stuffs off my carpet. You know to which I refer.

And now...she is insane. I don't say this with the blase, ha ha voice. I'm perfectly serious. She has blown OVER the kitty insanity door.
Pumpkin is racing around, tail fizzed up, CRAZY all over the house. This, I suppose, is entertainment in itself.

So. She's probably mad at me--a distinct possibility. She has an appointment to be fixed in a couple of weeks. She spent the last week torturing us with the meowls of "do me." NOT condusive to sleep. She probably thinks I'm a horrible mother. No sex. No mouse. How bad can it possibly get?
Right now she's avoiding eye contact. Skulking around. And she wonders why I put her in the second book as the anti-social kitty.

On another note...Romancing the Blog is down! I am in a small panic! I must comment. It's a GREAT subject. BLOGS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*breathing deeply*
It'll be okay. Really.

I'm going to play around with my erotica today. I feel the need to dwell in that world for awhile. Bet they don't have any mice.


Amy said...

Pooooor kitty. Mine thinks he's abused too, if I don't let him lick my ice cream bowl clean.

Olga said...

I know those meowls! And mouse chasing, too. But mice or not, we love our kittys anyway!

username said...

Sounds like your cat is mistreated like mine is. *g*

Gina said...

I have two kitties. Both male. One fixed. One soon to be fixed. We just got him a month ago. We haven't had the mouse trap happen, but we've had a couple of lizards pop up in the apartment and my older cat loves to play with them.