Thursday, April 21, 2005


I am spoiled. Self-admittedly so. I don't write Historicals, though I love to read them, because it requires oodles of research. I'm one of those people that would slip present day idioms, speech, or whatnot in there and ruin the whole thing. So I stay away from writing them.
Everything else is free reign. I've found myself researching more for my FBS than any other book I've written. This both excites and scares the hell out of me. I'm picking Lindy's brain. (See link at left-Lindy Hudis)
She is great! I give her questions, and she e-mails me the answers. I wish I could find a person like this with EVERY book. Two of the four books for my set will need more research than the others.
I'm also leery of asking the people I need to ask to pick their brain. People I don't know, but whose profession I'm using in a manuscript. I feel like I have to prove myself before I approach these people and ask for their time. Lindy is a writing friend, so that all worked out. Oh yes, and we're both with Whiskey Creek Press. hehehe
Do you feel the same? If you need firsthand perspective, do you just go up to someone and say, "Hey! I write books. You fix cars. Let's say we get together and make literary magic." *snickering* I wish!
Do the authors who HAVE their name out there find it easier to do this? Is it just me? (Like THAT would be the first time) What do you think? I'm curious.
And, if someone approached you and told you they were writing a book, what would you need from them to assure yourself they're not a headcase?
This inquiring mind needs to know!


username said...

Over the years, several people have called me the research queen, because I can find ANYTHING on the net.

OR--I can find someone who knows. Take for example, my genetic thing from the Sumner universe. I had the great fortune of a doubly medically degreed chick answer my few basic questions about genetics and the like and then we got into a wonderfully detailed discussion of it to a further extent.

This shouldn't surprise you. After all, I'm the person who called a pharmacist to find out if it's possible to kill someone by poisoning them with antifreeze. *g*

Plausibility is the key to fiction.

Olga said...

I don't write historicals for the same reason. Don't like research. Crystal*, please e-mail me to ASAP with your address and your choice of the book. Congratulations on your win!

Blog ho said...

"And, if someone approached you and told you they were writing a book, what would you need from them to assure yourself they're not a headcase?"

Big cups of coffee will do it.

Eva Gale said...

Be brave woman! Just ask!*bg*

Desperate Writer said...

Yeah, I'm easy. I'll trade insider secrets of the beauty industry for the larges ice cold Diet Coke you can bring me, with a side order of a Hershey Bar. With or without almonds