Monday, April 25, 2005

Hope springs eternal

I love Mondays. It's as if a whole new world stretches out in front of me. I don't really remember when my mindset changed from "hate" Monday to "like" Monday.
Oh wait! *snapping fingers* Yes, I do! It's when I quit my lab tech job, and the kids started school. hehehe
There is absolutely nothing like having a quiet house to ponder the intricacies of my writing world. Okay, except for my psychotic cat who will NOT stop meowing. She must stay in because she likes to procreate. Her appointment to be less friendly is scheduled in another two weeks.

I like the work I've done on my erotica. That is entirely a new arena for me to explore. But I like the story line and think that weaving playtime in there will be loads of fun.
The FBS is coming along. I have settings sketched out and characters added. In a couple of weeks, I'll be sending out more queries for my Suspense. My editor is still looking at "Virtually Yours." And whenever I take my butt down to Wal-Mart again, I need pictures developed. My psychotic cat will be on the cover of my second book. She's so ungrateful. :)~~

Happy writing. Happy Monday. Happy Happy Joy Joy. (couldn't help myself)


username said...

Have fun going to hellmart.

Still keeping my fingers crossed on your fic.

I'd love to read your smut if you want to toss it my way. *g*

Jill said...

Well Happy Monday right back attcha ...

Lyvvie said...

I Agree!!

To a Housewife and Mom, the return of Monday brings peace, calm and order back into her life.

the Man goes off to work, see ya leater Hun, *kiss* *wave*. The kids go off to school, See you later Dears *kiss* *wave*.


Yes, I am in complete agreement.