Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Market

I'm not discussing where you buy your meat and veggies. I'm talking media market. Books, music, media. The market can be the bane of a writer's existence. ACK! I write Historicals, and Historicals are soft right now. ACK! I write Gothic, and there's NO market. THIS is a royal pain in the butt.
That being said...I believe weathermen are a lot like the market. They don't have ANY idea until the storm is right on top of you. Neither does the Market. It can change on a dime. A writer will look to the current market for clues to what's hot right now. Keywords being RIGHT NOW. It can take anywhere from a year or two to publish a book. Your HOT book may be only lukewarm then. Aggravating, no?
But I studied! You wail, moan, and gnash teeth.
I sincerely believe the best writers MAKE THEIR OWN MARKET. See? Caps. Important. I will use music as an example.
I don't remember any teeny-bopper girl music until Britney Spears wafted onto the scene in her schoolgirl uniform. Then the deluge began.
I don't remember any smarta** white talented rappers until Eminem. Then, the explosion. And he is TALENTED. Hehehe In my opinion.
My point being...make your own market. What may be hot now, won't be somewhere down the road. The industry is fickle. Know that. Accept it. Now take the time to do the same for YOUR manuscript. Find it a home.

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Or you can flat out make your own market and gather some readers.