Saturday, April 23, 2005

Adding on

I didn't write today. This is odd in itself. But somehow I simply didn't have the want. Usually I am utterly consumed with it. Today was a day to supervise the children as they dug their hole to China.
Let me explain.
We are adding on three rooms. Two bedrooms and a room for me. YAY!!!
So the chickens are digging the hole the concrete will be poured in. heh
There is mud galore. Chickens having a party in the dirt. It's utterly hilarious. So. Probably no vacation this year, but Man! Consider the pay-off: All the chickens will have their own rooms. I will have MY own room. Sidenote-I'm putting a lock on the door, and I'm considering a tazer LMAO!
Not bad. Not bad at all.
Okay. I'm excited as all hell. Let's hope the party continues as we all work our butts into the ground over the renovations. More to come as progress is made.


Silma said...

Congrats on getting your own writing room! *vbg* Remember to add an alarm system and some kind of password thingy that can only allow you to your own sanctuary.

Lyvvie said...


I have a laptop sitting on the (small) dining table and have to push kids away all day "Whatcha doin' Mum?", "Can I watch you play a game?", "Oops! I spilled my milk!" and pulling the baby out from behind my chair so she wont burn herself on the radiator.

It's all a test...I know it!

username said...

Congrats to you! It's so difficult to manage writing with orclings running amok, so I can relate.

And it doesn't get any better as they get older. I certainly can't work on smut when people are home since they can read. *g*