Thursday, April 21, 2005

Title of my blog

I know that some people think I'm daffy or punctuationally challenged. When I put "Chrys' World" on the top of my blog, it was for several reasons. But why the apostrophe after the "s"? Quite simple. Because I use "Chrys" for everything. I have Chryscat. I am Chryswriter. A lot of my friends have called me Chrys since high school. So, to me, the Chrys is already plural. I've noticed that if someone links to this blog, they will add the "'s" or use "chryscat's" which is great. You can call me "OCD Chick" if you'll link back to my site. *grinning*
But the real fun begins when I use my given first name to sign something I've commented on. Crystal. No "h". Let me tell you how confusing that is. Very, apparently.
I've been called "Chrys" forever, but I didn't want to just put "Crys." Looked rather sad in my opinion. So I added the "h" from my maiden name, and voila! There I was. Or so I thought.
Not only have I confused everyone I talk to on the internet, I've passed on the legacy to my middle chicken. Her name starts with Chrys. The legacy lives on.

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Desperate Writer said...

Well, it IS your world, after all. :)

So, are you going to OWFI? A couple of my friends are speaking there. Britta Coleman and Candace Havens.