Sunday, June 04, 2006

"What Tickles My Fancy" Sunday

Don't run away in horror. This isn't, ahem, quite what you're thinking. I'm sure. *grins*

Instead of piddling around in my email and pondering life in general, I need to be pursuing my writing. MAKING myself pursue my writing. So from now until I become sick of it, Sunday will be a post about what books I've enjoyed reading the past week or so.
Then I won't feel so damn guilty on Monday. It's a win-win situation. hehehe

"Undead" and entertaining.
Mary Janice Davidson is my new hero. I read two of her "Undead" books the day before yesterday. Yes, both in one day. (I'm a fast reader.) And I can honestly say they're going on my keeper shelf.
What makes these books so good? The characters.
Betsy, aka Queen of the Undead, is pure snark in vampire form. She doesn't really want the job she finds herself stuck in. You know, ruling the Undead and all. She would rather be shoe shopping. Let me tell you...the chick knows her shoes.
But the pesky vampires won't leave her alone. They're so NEEDY. *snickering* So *sigh* she must go forth and figure out what's wrong.
My only complaint in the first book I read from her would be that I knew who the villain was the second time MJ introduced him/her. It diminished the story but only slightly.
The second book dealt with the small fact that her half-sister was the devil's daughter. Oh, and she was going to take over the world.

What really made me enjoy these books was Betsy's interaction with everyone. She didn't mince words. She didn't feel the need to diminish who she was. This character was fallible with a capital "F". And those flaws had me laughing in commiseration and cheering her on.

My grade? B+ for "Undead and Unemployed." A for "Undead and Unappreciated."


Tori Lennox said...

Hey, you missed the book that's between these two! Undead and Unwed. It's a hoot, too! What's really funny is I started re-reading the first two books because I got the third (Unappreciated) in my last book order. :) So we're TWINS again! *g*

Michelle said...

Those sound like GREAT recommendations! I'll have to try them. :)

Rene said...

I really liked the first one and the second was okay. My problem with her books is that they are short and expensive. I also find some of her secondary characters annoying. Her two best friends are grating on my nerves. I much prefer Charlaine Harris.

Tori Lennox said...

I was mistaken. Undead and Unwed is the FIRST book in the series.