Monday, June 12, 2006


2 : a temporary pause or decline in activity: as a : a temporary calm before or during a storm b : a temporary drop in business activity
I'm having one of these. *grins*
I love the fact y'all keep me in line. Rene talked about me using blogging as an excuse because I have a deadline. *whistling* That IS sometimes my Modus Operandi. But not this time. Which is good because I really don't know what evil emails Rene might send.
I'm done with my final corrections on The Portrait. That one will be out the beginning of July. And I'm working on another Contemporary Erotic Romance. More than halfway done. But right now, I don't have that 3000-5000 word mentality that I usually have. I have a lull.

I'm pondering what I will work on next. Should I work on two at once? Which ones? As it is, I won't have anything published between October of this year and July of next. For someone who will have ten books published for this one year (one October to the next), I'm rather freaking out about it.
On the other hand...still have yet to hear back from an agent. I realize it will take months. And my release this next July will be the first in a four book set. And the other three will release every five months after that. Plenty of time to squeeze in more novels and short stories.
And this will sound odd, but I don't know if I want to submit to other publishers or not. Yes, the release dates will play a role in it. But I'm not sure. I guess I'll see where the writing takes me.

I'll be gone all day long today. Leave in about half an hour and will be gone twelve. So I'll try and bloghop when I get home. Barring unconsciousness and whiny children.

Horoscope for the day (in honor of Tori):
Your key planet Uranus normally ensures your originality of expression, but today wordy Mercury fills you with more practical ideas. You might struggle between your need to tell everyone what you're thinking (NO news here) and your desire to accomplish something that endures longer than the passing moment. Remember even the craziest idea can be valuable if you apply it with common sense. (I KNEW there was a catch.)


Tori Lennox said...

That's a pretty cool horoscope! :)

Ceri said...

so how are the kids? Leaving you your sanity? Mine is barely intact after spending quality time in my daughters room. She's a force of nature (though I'm sure her sister helps) and its just easier for me to get up there. But now I'm back to my writing. Making some good progress today. I'm taking the chance and writing 3 povs in this romance... one being a 15 year old girl's.