Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hope it doesn't suck

How often do we think these words as we work on our books? Or something else that interests us?
I have a fairly healthy ego. I like what I write. Love it, for the most part. But the first thing that crosses my mind when I'm done is...Hope it doesn't suck. And if that one doesn't, this one does...I hope THEY don't think it sucks.
Yep. The mysterious THEY. Maker of careers and crushers of dreams.
Writing isn't objective. It's subjective.
But that doesn't help yet another voice in my head which whispers, "Hope it doesn't suck" at regular intervals.
Writers are almost apologetic when they finish a piece. We think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. UNTIL...the days stretch into weeks stretch into months...the confidence fades and the sucky voice invades.

Some writers are afraid to even send their work out. Because the rejection hurts so damn bad. And those damn rejections are simply another reminder that someone else thinks it sucks.
Who are they to judge? Some may have liked it. Some may have not. They may have not liked your voice. Or the fact your heroine curses. Or that your hero has a dog.
But if they story is sound. And you've done your best. And your voice resonates throughout the piece...it won't suck. No matter what that damn voice says.
So silence it with ice cream or chocolate. Or the vice of its choice.
But keep writing. Even when you think every word from your head sucks. And keep sending them out.
Hope it doesn't suck. *snort* Don't we all?


Bryan said...


You almost could have started this post with "Dear Bryan,"

Sometimes I am extremely confident in what I can do, both with my writing and with my photography. Other times I start asking myself "Why am I even trying?"

Thanks for the kick in the pants.

chryscat said...

Dear Bryan: Keep doing what you do. Kicks in the pants are free. I'm here for you. *grins*
Still working on the tumbleweed issue. Only problem...'tis snake season.

Bryan said...

No hurry on tumbleweed... unless you want to de-snake it for me. I probably won't have the time until next spring anyway.

Rene said...

One thing about rejections are that they do toughen you. I've been rejected alot. I mean alot. But I've also had requests. I've done the whole query to partial to full cycle with agents just to have them reject me in the end. I admit, the fulls hurt, but the rejection is usually based on something else besides the writing. One thing a writer needs to keep in mind is if they are getting rejected right out of the box with no requests, they need to review their query letter. Rejections on query letters say nothing about your writing. If you are continuously rejected based on your partial, then there might be a problem.

A writer needs to be able to stand back and figure out if they suck or not. But if you are a good writer, you'll figure it out.

Tori Lennox said...

Bryan, oddly enough, I thought her post was aimed at me. *g*

Nancy J. Bond said...

I think you just echoed what every other writer I know--including moi--goes through. :) Which brings us back again to your discussion of a couple days ago. Write from your heart. Write what you love. Write it the best way you know how. Call it done and move along. :) Thanks for the reminder.