Saturday, June 17, 2006

Media meatloaf

It's that time again. Time for all primetime shows to take their summer hiatus so the stars can rest themselves to start entertaining again in the fall.
And I don't mind.

What I LOATHE, though, is when a director, producer, etc. feels the need to remix previous episodes and call it "new." Definitely one of my television pet peeves. If it says "new", then by God, it better be "new." With NO previously viewed pieces. And if you can't do that, at least be honest.

This is my lovely segue into epilogues and novellas. A rather thin one, but I'm on a roll. *grins*
I recently read where Julia Quinn is selling her epilogues. This, to me, is blatantly ridiculous. is selling a thin book for a thick price. If you're going to sell a novella, then the price should reflect that. And an epilogue belongs in the back of a book. Not with a spine of its own. *irritated*
And novellas that are being sold for way too much...CEASE AND DESIST! Let the price reflect what you're truly paying for. Don't try to take my last dime while peddling your piddly crap.
*telling it like it is* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Harsh? Perhaps. Okay. Probably. I understand there is a business side. People to pay. A business to run. But for Pete's sake! Don't run off your customers. That novella better be damn good.
And put that flippin' epilogue back in the book. Sheesh.


Byran said...

I think, if you've got an epilogue that is good enough to charge for, write a damned sequel!!!!

Bryan said...

Oh, and where are the tats and piercing pictures, girl?

Tori Lennox said...

Amen, sister!

Rene said...

Epilogues???? Are you kidding me? What I love are these trade size paperbacks that cost $14 and run less than 300 pages. And its huge type. Talk about a rip off.

Ceri said...




I don't get it.

Now I have a novella or two, but I'd much rather add to it and make it a full length. Is there really a good market for novellas??

Olga said...

I also think the price should reflect a size and quality of the book. I'd rather buy the entire book then just an epilogue.

Silma said...

Sell epilogues? How stupid! What they should sell is novels without the end. And then a year later or so, sell the end chapter. See? Now, that's where the money is! *rofl*