Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ten elements

Shamelessly pilfered from Nancy's blog.
Ten elements or words that are always used in association with my stories.

1. Diet drink. (This is because I'm a Diet Pepsi addict. I feel that my heroines should be, also. I've tried to make them coffee drinkers and tea drinkers sometimes. *sigh* Just so hard. *grins*)

2. I always have a secondary character (usually a female) that is entertaining in her own right to read.

3. Clever dialogue. (It's that little nip and play that makes it for me. I wouldn't even care if people DID close the doors on the sex. But let the words fly.)

4. Flowers. (I didn't even realize I did this until now. My heroines love flowers. As do I. I think I don't get enough of them so I'm overcompensating with my heroines. *nodding*)

5. Books. My characters love books. And most have a library of some sort that they're around. Whether in their home or literally AT the library. (Perfect Timing.)

6. I like to give my female characters animal slippers. (I've used cows, cats, and pigs.)

7. Grins. (Good LORD my people like to grin. Their collective asses seem to be happy a lot.)

8. Give it a twist. (I'm awfully fond of taken the given path. Until I'm not. Each one of the stories has a twist to it that readers will not expect.)

9. Eyes blaze. Voices snarl. (Enough said.)

10. My heroines are fond of dressing comfortably. (You won't see them decked out in designer duds.)

This was rather hard. I thought it would be a bit easier. I had to strain for the last two. I suppose it's because of the schizophrenic tendencies. *laughing*


Tori Lennox said...

This is REALLY hard!!! I'm trying to do it for my blog today. I've got up through number six and now I'm kind of stumped. Ack!

chryscat said...

Tori: I KNOW! I mean, good grief. I rather thought I'd have lots of similar threads. But I don't. I will, however, keep the animal slippers throughout. Too much fun.

Nancy J. Bond said...

It's a very "telling" exercise, isn't it?

Bryan said...

I think your characters' penchant for grinning would be a given. Just an observation from the short time I've known you.



chryscat said...

Nancy: Yes. Very much so.
Bryan: You're a bit of a smartass. Just an observation from the short time I've known you.

Bryan said...


You said: "You're a bit of a smartass."

Yeah, but look at these dimples... well, I don't have dimples, but I'm still hard to get mad at.