Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Commercials are advertisements. Plain and simple. Some are entertaining. Some are a waste of your precious time.
I have a friend who WILL NOT watch a commercial on television. She becomes quite pissy when one is on. So she surfs around until her program comes back on. I'm just about as bad with radio. People start talking...I start pushing buttons.

But what about books? Isn't that supposed to be a smooth mental ride. You know. Plug in, read to your heart's content, and have a good time. The problem I have with books right now is that I loathe those inserts in the books. LOATHE THEM. Harlequin is famous for them. But I read another book the other day (different publisher) that also had them. I liken this to a pushy salesperson when I walk into a shop and know what I want. Leave me alone. I know what I want.

There is a time and place for commercials. Advertisements here and there. And in the middle of a great sex scene or emotional roller coaster is NOT that place.
And an interesting post at dearauthor.com
Go. Check it out. It's about product placement in books. I thought quite a bit about this the other day. But the girls sum it up nicely.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Tori Lennox said...

I hate those inserts in books, too! They're a MAJOR pain in the neck (or other parts of one's anatomy *g*)!

Lyvvie said...

I hate them too! the worst part is if you yank them out, you risk cracking the spine, and I have a thing about not cracking books.