Monday, June 26, 2006

Long day

I worked from nine to one today. Then we went to the big pool in town and swam until six.
I'm beat. And toasty. *grins*

My boss from work informed me that one of our coworkers would be leaving. And then she threw out the possibility that there might be a forty hour a week position open.
Threw me for a loop.

Do I WANT forty hours a week? That's a helluva lot more than ten. What will it do to my writing? The extra money would be nice. But will the writing suffer? Hmmmmmmm.
Things to think about.

Going to be working on the short story tomorrow. I wrote a little over 2000 words yesterday. All shaping up, my friends.
I haven't had any time to bloghop as I want to. *spazzing* I'll try to squeeze some in tomorrow. If you have a spot on myspace and would like to add me as a friend...I'm under Chrys7. Just so ya know.


Rene said...

Aren't we too old for "Myspace?" LOL

I tended to write more when I had a 40 hour work week. I think I appreciated my limited time much better and used it accordingly.

Beth Ciotta said...

Nice opportunity to make more money, but a time cruncher writing wise, that's for sure. That said, we do what we must to bring the stories of our heart to life. Either way, you'll be fine. :) (Although if you do take the 40 hours, blog hopping will take an even bigger hit. Trust me, I know!)

Tori Lennox said...

I wrote more when I worked 40 hours/week, too, but I also didn't have all the health problems that have screwed with my cognitive abilities. I bet Beth's right about the blogging, though. :)