Thursday, June 15, 2006


The act of having character.
What kind of characters do you enjoy?

Some of the strongest characters out there are almost over-the-top. The traits they carry are emphasized. Not only has he been hurt in a relationship...He's been emotionally scarred. Not only is the stepmother the most hideous creature in the world (borrowing a storyline from the "Undead" series), she's actually bore the devil's child. (Read it. It's freakin' hilarious.)

Do you find that authors exaggerate their characters and the traits? Is that the sign of a good author? Or should there be a little more subtlety? When you write a you make them larger-than-life? Bold and brassy? Or rather calmer? Do you flex with each book? And what do you like to read?


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katherine said...

Checked out your site after your announ. of the honey contest on the GIAM loop.

It would be impossible to write and read all of those blogs, first and foremost. You must have a superwoman gene in there somewhere.

This particular post is interesting because lots of authors DO go over the top -- and I wonder if they feel the need because --hey, how else are they going to get notice? These days, the envelope's pushed beyond. It's not just romance, it's erotica. You know? What will be next?

I fear the industry will end up washed up, used Madonna who finally had to show us everything in her SEX book because just singing a song wasn't enough anymore.