Saturday, June 24, 2006

I touched a shark today

Cool, huh?

The reason I skipped my blogging was because we decided to head up the turnpike to the Oklahoma Aquarium. We spent the night at a hotel last night and then drove to the aquarium.
Too much fun.

There were lots of fish exhibits. And this cool one with lots of little prego seahorses (male, in case you didn't know that little trivia fact) and a small tank behind them with itty, bitty babies. And we were able to touch starfish and all sorts of sea creatures.
There was also a hallway which we could walk through and have shark swims all around and on top of us. Home of some of the largest bullsharks. Steve Irwin (insane Aussie dude) actually went to Tulsa to swim with them.
The kids fed stingrays. And there was another little exhibit where we could touch stingrays (clipped stingers) and a bamboo shark. *grins* So yeah. I touched a shark. Toothless wonder that it was. Still cool. And the stingrays were awesome. Beautiful colors. Two different kinds. About eight of them in there. Two large. The rest medium.

So I had a great time. Couldn't sleep last night at the hotel. *sigh* Go figure. So what did I do? Well, I plot out a short story for the Christmas Candy from WCP Torrid. It's due June 30th.
Wondering if I'm going to make that. It's always good to try. Progress reports as they warrant.


Olga said...

I was in Aquarium once. Didn't touch the shark, but saw them swimming. I was tempted to touch a stingray but decided against it. But all in all, it was like a gorgeous, colorful kingdom of underwater beauty!

Rene said...

OMG, guess what I did today? We went to an aquarium at Mandalay Bay Hotel. I didn't touch a shark although I touched a ray. They too have the shark display where the sharks swimm above you. They have a great display of jellyfish that I'm dying to use in a book.

Tori Lennox said...

Sounds like a fun time! Though I could live without touching a shark. *g*

chryscat said...

Olga: They are utterly beautiful!
Rene: *laughing* What are the odds? I saw some jellyfish, too. They're gorgeous. Graceful. And stunning under the black light.
Tori: What? You don't want to touch a shark? Hmmmm. Just can't believe that.

Dawnyal said...

It sounds like so much fun. We plan on trying to take the kids this summer before the newest addition arrives. :). Good luck with your short story deadline.