Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Belly button rings and tattoos

I'm considering having my belly button pierced. Not right this minute, of course. But a couple of more pounds down the road. I like the way they look. Now I just have to go and find jeans that don't rub up against it.
I have a couple of tattoos. *grins* For those of you who didn't expect that...surprise! Nothing large. Two small ones. One for each outer thigh. One is a butterfly. I'd like to get at least two more. Perhaps one for my back. We'll see what the future holds.
I'm no spring chicken. Hell, not much springs anymore. *laughing* But I like tattoos. Didn't get mine until I was around thirty. Don't regret them a bit. And done right (not overdone) I think they look very artistic. Body art.
And yes, I have a thing for men who have that armband tat that goes around their upper arm. No idea why that does it for me, but there you go.

I'm not going through my second childhood or teenage years. I'm simply finding new ways to express myself. And I'm having a good time doing it.

What do you think about characters with the abovementioned? Belly button rings and tattoos? Instant horror? Does the stereotype slam in there? The girl must have issues *arching eyebrow*. The guy must be some type of hell's angel. Or do you take it as it comes? Accept them for creative beings while seeing how they act and react in the story.
I'm not talking about paranormal, per se. Because usually they have all sorts of body modifications. You know...wings, claws, teeth, etc. But perhaps Contemporary. Time Travel to modern day.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Piercings and tattoos are so commonplace today that I don't give them a second thought. One of my daughters has several piercings and small, out-of-sight tattoos. My older daughter also has a couple of tattoos. Even *I* have a tattoo. :) I think either or both would make a contemporary story gal even more...contemporary.

Lyvvie said...

I've written many times about how the thirties are the second adolescence; too old for the 18-30 fun and too young for all that middle age crisis crap.

I've always said I would do the belly button thing once I knew there weren't going to be any more tenents in there. So I suppose I should harry along and do mine too. I also want to get a very small tattoo, of a question mark in my ear.

I too find those armband tattoos very sexy.

Go you and where's the pictures?

Bryan said...

I love belly-button rings on a woman. Not so much with tongue piercings. A few small tatoos here and there are nice, or maybe one large piece on a back or shoulder if it's nice and artistic. But when it gets to be full sleeves on both arms or stupid wastes of ink like three blue-ink stars on her neck... not so much.

All in all, I guess it just depends on whether it's beautiful or simply detracts from her beauty.

And for some reason larger tattoos (like a two and a half foot dragon that a friend of mine has crawling up her back and over her shoulder) tend to look better on brunettes rather than blondes.

You guys fans of Kieffer Sutherland, then? He's got a pretty cool armband that they show every now and then on 24.

Tori Lennox said...

I had no idea you were such a wild woman, Crystal! *g*

Personally, I have no desire to have any piercings or tattoos. And I don't find the guys on shows like Miami Ink at all attractive. Too much of a good thing. That armband tat you mentioned, though, I could live with. I saw a firefighter on some show the other night with one. He was HOT! ;)

Oh, and I worked with a chick several years ago who got a tattoo on her ankle of Elroy Jetson. ROFL!

Dawnyal said...

Gosh you're braver than me. Just my ears is about all I can stand. At least you're not heading north toward the nips.
I too think tattoos can be tastefully done without overdoing it. One of these days, I'll have mine.

Michelle said...

It all depends on the personal style of the girl. I'm envious of the ones who can pull it off.

But tongue piercings just gross me out. It's hard for nose piercings to come off right, too.

Silma said...

I've got a tattoo too. As for piercing, I've got my ears pierced - 3 holes in each ear. *g* I used to have my nose pierced back in the 80s. Ah... the 80s. Those were great times. And you were there. And I was there. Ah, great times. *rofl*

Now seriously, I think I'd love to read a contemporary in which the heroine had tattoos and body piercing. These are easier to find in futuristic romance, 'coz they always turn to have some kind of religious or something meaning. But a contemporary with a heroine with tats and piercing, coolies...

Ceri said...

Oh thank goodness that there's others out there like me!!! Okay, no belly piercings, but thats for very good reasons. I don't have the belly for it and I don't forsee it happening (though I can dream). It's the only piercing I'd consider besides the 3 I have in one ear and 1 in the other. Don't ask... don't know how that happened. I have 2 really small tattoos too, but not in places that they can be seen unless I wear a bathing suit (which doesn't happen often). I'd love to have another tattoo, but don't know where/what. A horse or angle perhaps. My DH has 3, but no armband (I'm with you on that). But he can stop there.

I may just have to have my new heroine have a belly ring and a tattoo or 2. It would definitely work with her.

Crystal Jordan said...

I don't mind either in contemporary. It does tell the reader that the character is a bit naughty...a little unexpected, but I like that when I'm reading.

And, well, I have a piercing, so I can't judge too harshly, now can I?

Rene said...

I don't mind them on characters, at least on women. Funny, I don't like tattoos on guys. Go figure. I know I've written characters with both. I myself wouldn't get a tattoo. I don't mind piercings although I wouldn't do my belly button because it my ruin my cute little tubal ligation scar I'm so proud of *g*