Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Losing track of days

For some unknown reason...I've thought today was Thursday. All day long. Weird, huh? Don't you just hate that?
But I've received some fairly good news. *grinning* Apparently the rumor is that the kids will start school August 16th. WOO! Yep. Mid-August. The Mama is going to make it.
Also, I've reached 6500 words on my short story. *dancing*
My personal life rather sucks, but let's gloss over that, shall we? *laughing*

One of my old friends from high school read a couple of my books and emailed me. She loved them. THAT is what thrills me. Wonderful news when I need it the most.

The Torrid Authors will be chatting this evening at Fallen Angel Reviews. You can zip by at 9 pm EST. That's 8 pm CST for us in the middle of North America. *grins*

Have a good evening.


Caffey said...

Hi Crystal! It was fun chatting with you today! We always have fun there. Lucky on the early school start. They just got out here. My son will be a senior next year. Time flies.
Bummer on the personal life, we gotta work on that, lol.
We chat again soon ok!

Ceri said...

Yah, I woke up Thursday morning thinking it was Saturday. Now thats sad. Especially when I don't even have Saturday off.

Hope things straighten out and get better. At least you have FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL in sight! Woohoo!!