Monday, April 10, 2006


Do I need a moment? Possibly!

I just received the contract from Whiskey Creek Press for Fire Goddess! Cue the music, people! 'Cause I'm dancing!

Here's a sneak preview. (Even though this won't be out until probably 2007)

Kelly Marshall is a soap opera actress. But she's not just a soap star, she's the Queen of soap stars. And her producer has a brilliant idea for upcoming sweeps. A storyline to beat all others. A fairy tale come true.
Sloan Davenport agrees to build sets for a soap opera against his better judgement. His brother-in-law ropes him into the job. But it's a lot more than he expects or wants. It's a world that he loathes on sight.
Wilda is Kelly's Guardian. She must succeed in her task for herself and her sisters. But mostly for the two mortals who don't realize their importance to each other until it's almost too late.

What do you think?
There's a little more to this than meets the eye. But a girl has to keep some secrets. *wink*


Ceri said...

Joining you in your happy dance!

The story sounds intriguing! I'm looking forward to finding out more. How long does it usually take before you get a release date? I haven't heard anything yet since being invited to join the Yahoo groups and I'm chompin' at the bit.

I guess I don't have to tell you to have a good day. ;)

Tess Harrison said...

Congrats! It sounds like a fun story!

Allison Brennan said...

Hi Chrys! Congratulations on the deal! Makes it seem real now, doesn't it?


Nancy J. Bond said...

Congrats Crystal! Sounds like a story with lots of possibilities. :)

Tori Lennox said...

You go, girl!!!! :)

Rene said...

Congratulations, that's terrific news. Intriguing story!

Amy said...

YAY! Big congrats, Crystal! Can't wait to read this!!

Michelle said...

Rock on, woman! Sorry I'm late to the party, but way to go!!! :)

Janie said...

Congrats. My best to you.